Labyrinth Game
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required 30- 60 minutes
Space and Group Requirements

Conference room and online quiz


The general aim for all the ideas is to create educative, interesting, participating
games and activities ideas for online platform as the outcome of this training and
publish them as a useful tool that could be improved with follow up projects.
• To make the youngsters aware of the positions that they can con-sciously or not, take in their real-life conflicts, especially peer bully-ing situations.
• Specifically, for the first idea, the aim is to initiate participants to imply the conflict transformation theories into real life scenarios.
• With the fourth idea young people will have a safe space to ex-press themselves and their approach toward their daily conflict resolution strategies and reflect on their instant reactions.
• To show players of this game to relate the theory and practical life implementation of them by using real stories. To make them to think about alternative ways to be able to transform the conflicts and compare them with real steps taken in the real process.

Method Description

1. Facilitator at the beginning should to create a labyrinth on the ground using tape. Labyrinth need to be separated onto squares, to allow movement of participants for as much as they get when throwing a dice. Each square contains either online conflict case that need to be resolved/transformed by participant or some lesson on conflict transformation. These cases and lessons are going to pop up in the closed group on Facebook with his/her mentioning. While competing with each other to come to the finish line, participants will be faced with numerous case studies on conflict transformation. If their response on case studies is assessed as one which will only deepen conflict, than they are losing chance to move forward, while answer that will lead toward transformation according to facilitator and referee group made of several participants, will give them opportunity to throw a dice again in the next circle. At the end of a game, referee group will have a task to prepare a report on conflict transformation styles used and its outcomes, as point for discussion in the plenary session.

2.Also, in order to prevent peer violence, or solve it, we can make an online quiz/game organized where the youngsters are and through subtle questions they can learn more aboutthe peer-violence. There are three sides included in the peer violence: the bully, the victim, the observer (who can support the bul-ly/victim or can be neutral).

Materials and Training aids required

• Tape, smart phones with Internet connection

Additional Comments

*Method is based on a type ofconflict.