POT is a platform of trainers who have worked or who have shown interest in working for CONNECT educational activities – training courses, youth exchanges, seminars, conventions and similar events. The main role of the POT is to empower, motivate and coach members and Member Organisations. POT contributes to the capacity building of the network and by that increases the visibility of the organisation. Furthermore, POT provides a space for exchange of experience, educates and develops the competences of its members.


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How to become an expert/trainer

Becoming a member of the pool of trainers of the CONNECT International is defined by the Association and detailly described.


Take a look at how to become an expert and member of our POT.



Dane Josifovski
About Dane

Dane is a highly dynamic individual with outstanding communication and organization skills who can easily fit into diverse work environments and have long experience in working as part of a team. His expertise is in project design, especially budgeting, multiculturalism, youth employability (skills, business plans), e-services for citizens, donor negotiations with focus on EU funds.

Ivan Despotović
About Ivan

Ivan has years of experience in youth work and international project management. He worked as a coordinator of the Youth Office of the New Belgrade Municipality for more than 5 years, after what he continued to work on strengthening youth rights and opportunities through civil society organizations. He is founder of SmartCity.Education Initiative where he organize international gatherings on using technology for improving life of citizens, strengthening democracy and advocating for human and civic rights. As a trainer/moderator/facilitator he realized more than 100 trainings/seminars/conferences on strengthening civic and political participation of young people.

Stefan Naumoski
About Stefan

I come from Prilep, Macedonia. I have taken part in numerous trainings, seminars and youth exchanges. I am experienced in work on protection and promotion of human rights, especially in the virtual world.

About Ä°brahim

Ibrahim was born in 1996 in Mardin, a city in the southeast of Turkey. He has just graduated from ‘English Language Teaching’ department at Marmara University. He has been an active volunteer and a youth worker in several NGOs across Turkey since 2013. He has participated in numerous youth projects under Erasmus + and other huge funding programmes as both youth leader and participant. Currently, he is a voluntary trainer in two long-termed education programmes: “Healthy Youth Movement” by Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and “Ecological Literacy” by Yuva Association. He is interested and working in the topics of social inclusion, migration, hate speech and conflict transformation. His working languages are English and Turkish. Furthermore, he is studying ‘International Relations’ at Anadolu University since 2016 and doing researches on peacebuilding.

Emir Karamujić
About Emir

I am a youth worker and an activist who believes in innovative ways of learning and power of social media and digital tools for positive social changes. My working languages are English and Bosnian/ Serbian/ Croatian/ Montenegrin.I have experience as an educator and trainer with topics of identity, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and conflict transformation. I also have experience working on countering youth radicalization, peacebuilding, personal development, as well as anti-corruption education.

Ivana Angelovska
About Ivana

Ivana is a well skilled youth worker with great put standing practical experience in project management and non government organization work. She is positive, creative and open-minded ready to execute different tasks within the team composition.  Her experience is wider in the area of non formal education, project preparation and implementation, stakeholder involvement especially partners and local self government units. She is fighter for youth and human rights, citizens participation and equal opportunities.

Admir Isanović
About Admir

Admir Isanović is an NGO activist and law student from Tuzla. Participated in many events, spoke at FREJA Forum and LibertyCon conference about the EU. Holds trainings & workshops on various topics, but most interested: free speech and conflict transformation.

Arnela Podbićanin
About Arnela

My name is Arnela Podbićanin and I am young sociologist, as well as an engaged volunteer and certified youth worker, currently living and working in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through my volunteering engagement I have participated in training sessions and workshops in the field of youth
work, countering youth radicalization and the prevention of violent extremism. I´m interested in politics, human rights and youth development, and I´m always seeking for further opportunities to gain education in these areas.

Asmin Aktaş
About Asmin

I was born in 1991 in the East of Turkey. I have been working on mindfulness and inner peace in India and Europe beginning from 2016. My work is to synthesize both the eastern and western approaches in peacebuilding and implementing the positive outcomes of inner peace to the youth work so that these outputs can promote the progress in transformations of conflicts in society to foster the global peace.

Nejc Benčič
About Nejc

My name is Nejc Benčič and I am a graduate of Faculty of Education, specializing in primary school education. For several years now I have worked in an organization that deals with young people. I started my journey as a volunteer, than worked as a student and now I am a full time employed coordinator of street youthwork for my organization. In my time working with young people I have required lots of technical and social skills, which are mandatory for work with teenagers and young adults.

Marko Glišić
About Marko

Currently, I am working for the Foundation SOS Children’s Villages Serbia as Youth Empowering Advisor on the project Social inclusion and economic sustainability of youths at risk (with focus on care leavers). My daily obligations consist of individual and group support of young people through counseling, carrier guidance and workshops. I am also working as an advisor in the Child Helpline Serbia where I talk to children and young people helping them to solve problems in their everyday life.

Urška Česnik
About Urška

I am a student of Psychology and Pedagogy, a youth worker in various Slovene youth organisations and long-term collaborator with European play work association from Hamburg, for which work I have also been rewarded the Slovene National prize “Best volunteer in 2013” in my age group. I am most at home in the field of social competences (communication, social closeness, assertiveness, team-building, etc.) and working with youngsters who are socially excluded.

Harun Šabanović
About Harun

My name is Harun Å abanović, I was born on October 30, 1991. For many years I have been actively present in the NGO sector at various workshops, trainings and seminars. I have successfully run the Youth Club for 7 years, I believe that the key to changing the society is the education of young generations that will create a better future for the society. I have held trainings and workshops in the field of youth work, actively participated in trainings on the fight against hate speech, violent radicalism and extremism, discrimination. I’m actively working on the formation of a youth council in my city. I am a team player, I like to meet new people and places.

Vladimir Ilijevski
About Vladimir

My name is Vladimir Ilievski, I come from Skopje, Macedonia. Born on 11.07.1990 in Skopje, Macedonia. I finished my undergraduate studies (Defense, Security and Peace studies) at the University of “St Cyril and Methodius”-Skopje in 2013. After graduating I applied for the Master program- International relations, Diplomacy and Conflict resolution, also at the university of “St. Cyril and Methodius”-Skopje/ Center for Intercultural Studies and Research. I finished my master program at 2016 with average 9.3. I speak Macedonian, beside Macedonian, I speak English (C2), German (B1) and Serbian. In the period of 1th of May 2016 to 10th of January 2017, I worked as Intern at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Macedonia. From April,2017 to July 2017, I worked as an intern In the EU Info Centre in Skopje, and later in May 2018 I was hired as regular employee at the EUIC.

Eva Ločniškar
About Eva

I collaborate with different organizations which target youth. My main role is to plan and perform in workshops for youth, where we mostly create a space in which we talk about topics that are not exposed such as sexuality, discrimination, violence, drugs, racism and other subjects. Otherwise I study Pedagogy and I am an open minded, motivated person, who loves to work with youth, discovering new tools, getting new experience and knowledge.