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The 21st century developments in information and communication technologies have shifted a tremendous part of our lives into the online world. The way we communicate, organize our daily activities, and inform ourselves, today can’t be imagined without Internet. These activities were accelerated by it to much faster and more intense levels than any time before. Young people who grew up with new technologies are especially affected by this trend, building a significant part of their identities online. In response to that, CONFLICT WENT ONLINE as well. Everyday communication between potentially conflicted parties is happening in the online world. Politicians, leaders, insurgents, and protestors have all used it as a tool of communication. Virtual space and especially social media are increasingly being used in order to spark and escalate conflicts.

But while others look on conflict as a problem that they need to get rid of, we perceive it as an opportunity to have a more authentic and mutually beneficial relationship between actors in conflict.

New Age Conflict Transformation toolkit provides you with necessary theoretical expertise which youth workers need to have in mind before they start using the methods for online conflict transformation. It sums up several different “schools of thought” on conflict transformation, combined to empower you with knowledge depth and width.

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The methods for online intervention that we propose are genuinely inclined towards conflict transformation. Their main goal is to try to utilize the online tools in order to alter the attitudes of conflict parties. What they try to achieve is to change the way in which parties perceive themselves and their relationship.  Additionally, some of the methods are designed with the aim to use advantages of online tools for empowering certain social groups and individuals whose position is structurally weakened and unbalanced.

The methods we have developed should be regarded as only some of many ways in which youth can use online tools for transforming conflicts. We hope that conflict transformation practitioners will find them useful in their daily work.

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New Age Conflict Transformation toolkit is ready for you
The world is riddled with conflicts and youth is one of the most affected groups today. The popularization of social media transferred conflicts to the online world, making them intensively exposed to its negative nature. Exactly this is what New Age Conflict Transformation toolkit is about. It is a perfect combination of offline expertise developed
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